4 Advice for Junior Web Developers

25.08.2015            CSS, How to

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There are a few things that separate good from great, a fine line between just getting through, and being truly effective. This applies to almost anything, and especially web development.

So what does being effective in web development mean? What are the habits that you need to develop to become great?

1. Hey man just plan

As Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said:”A man without a plan, is not a man”. So, direct your efforts to planning. Our EnjoyCSS team uses Scrum technique for this aim. During our meetings we clarify what’s important in the next iteration and what’s not. We do it on a regular basis and to be honest it prevents our team from missing deadlines. Try to do the same! Stop relying on situation and waiting for inspiration. Serious project needs a good plan.


2. Take responsibility

You should take into consideration that the only person who is responsible for your code is yourself, not a senior developer or your project manager. So, try to write it in a clear manner and with a minimum of bugs. If you are suddenly blamed for code errors, you shouldn’t react aggrressively and establish your case. Check the code one more time and if your critics are right, accept your bugs and start fixing them with a smile on your face. These moments should lead to avoiding erros by you in the future.

3. Listen to your users

Without getting feedback it is difficult to understand which direction you should choose as the correct one. Due to the fact that you are creating a product for end users, be sure that you know what they want. You can add feedback form on your product webpage as well as give them an opportunity to comment your pages and blog posts. Be open to users’ suggestions and try to implement rational and useful ideas gradually.

 4. Relax

Despite there is a widespread theory that people should work as much as they can and overwork is popular among developers, you should remember that nobody needs a tired employee with a low performance. The worst thing is a sick employee who wastes company’s money.

Moreover, your boss won’t take care of you if you, for instance, catch a cold, most likely your friends or relatives will do it. So try to spend your weekend and evenings with them, not with you PC. Such time spending is a great rest that facilitates emotional and mental recharge.


Our EnjoyCSS team sometimes organizes various outings to have a break from routine work and refresh the look on many professional moments.

So, to be a good professional you should develop all your human qualities as they an integral part of working over cool projects.

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