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Tips and Tricks of Styling the HTML5 Placeholder

The `placeholder` attribute creates a hint that describes the expected value for the `input` and `textarea` elements. In this article, we’ll try to make it more functional and convenient. First things first. Let’s start with the basics. Here’s how you can use this attribute: <input type="text" placeholder="Put your message here" /> And here’s the result: ![Default Placeholder]( “Default...

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HTML Ordered List Customization. Styling Line Numbers

If you’ve ever tried to customize the numbers of the HTML element items, you may have noticed some issues. There’s no way you to use CSS selectors to get the goal. That’s pretty depressing since the whole idea behind the UI design is that you have a possibility to change the appearance of any website component the way you want. Here’s the typical ordered list example: <ol>     <li>Learn HTML</li>     <li>Create my own web...

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4 Advice for Junior Web Developers

There are a few things that separate good from great, a fine line between just getting through, and being truly effective. This applies to almost anything, and especially web development. So what does being effective in web development mean? What are the habits that you need to develop to become great? 1. Hey man just plan As Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said:”A man without a plan, is not a man”. So, direct your efforts to planning. Our EnjoyCSS team uses Scrum technique for...

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Fix scrolling performance with CSS will-change property

I recently saw Paul Lewis’ screencast demonstrating how trivial it can be to fix a particular kind of performance issue caused by scrolling. I knew the problem looked familiar and I realized it was right in my front yard, so to speak. Four Kitchens’ very own website uses the exact same design feature: an element with a large, viewport-sized background image held in place by background-attachment: fixed while the foreground scrolls. The problem with fixed Let’s start with what we don’t...

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